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Welcome to Seeing 11:11

Do you “see 11:11” most days ?

Do you just ‘happen’ to look at the clock (or microwave or phone) at exactly that time ?  Do your eyes catch the timer on your DVD player just as it is rolling onto 1111 ?  Do your supermarket receipts add up to $11.11, or do you see 111 or 1111 on number plates ?

Perhaps you consistently see other sequences like 222, 33 or 555 as well.

At first it may have seemed like a coincidence but then you realised there was more to it.

If this is you... welcome to this site. You are in the right place !

Inside... you will find lots of information about “seeing 11:11”.  The what, the why ... and the now what ?

We would also like to invite you to join with others all over the world to experience something very special. Several million people on the planet are now “seeing 11:11“. and if even a percentage of us are able to connect with a common vision then we have an incredible opportunity to create change.

With the help of the internet and social media we have the ability to gather together, share experiences and collectively make a difference in the world. Here’s the idea....

All who feel drawn to are encouraged to be a part of this connection. There is a power in numbers.

So whether you have been “seeing 11:11” for years, months, days... or will be setting your alarm to 11:11 every day ...we hope you will join us.  Click on the links below to stay connected.

And please suggest the site to your friends. Chances are they are

“seeing 11:11”  too !!

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